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Gearbox Tuning

BMW X5,  Close-up view of the automatic gearbox lever. Interior car,  automatic transmission gearshift remapping fife scotlandModern VAG and BMW vehicles with automatic transmissions are normally fitted with a highly advanced TCU (Transmission Control Unit). The purpose of this TCU is to monitor and control all functions of the transmission, for example, shift points and torque limiters.

This TCU communicates with the ECU supplying live real time data via the vehicles internal network. When tuning an engine with DSG / ZF6/8 transmissions it is often advisable to remap the ECU and TCU at the same time to ensure the ultimate combination of performance and functionality.

However, there can be limitations! It depends on the programmable parameters available within the TCU.

These parameters are as follows:

Adjustment of Torque Limiter

When tuning an engine management system, torque limiters are adjusted. However, vehicles fitted with DSG/ZF8 gearboxes means the engine output will be limited by the torque limiters programmed in the DSG/ZF8 modules. With our custom written software, we reprogramme the torque limiters to match the adjusted engine torque output.

Improved Shifting Speeds

Shift speeds can be improved by up to 20%, which reduces lag and improves acceleration. Quicker shift speeds produce a smoother gear change transition and improve paddle shift response times.

RPM Limits & Shift Set Points

RPM limits and shift set points can be adjusted in drive and sports mode. Adjusting the rpm limiter as part of the engine ECU remap is insufficient on a DSG/ZF6/8 equipped vehicle. The DSG/ZF6/8 TCU will determine when the rpm gear shifts take place.

Launch Control (model specific)

Launch control can be activated and will allow your car to make the perfect launch every time. Reducing 0 – 62 acceleration times are noticeably improved. We call this the smile factor.

Full Manual Mode

Even in manual mode, stock DSG/ZF6/8 software forces the gearbox to change up or kick down etc. Our custom written DSG/ZF6/8 software will give the driver full control preventing auto changing when in manual mode.

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