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ECU/Engine Remapping

Remapping an ECU / Engine – This is the process whereby we change the factory installed software parameters of the ECU (Engine Control Unit) or ECM (Engine Control Module).

Some manufacturers call this a PCM (Powertrain Control Module) but basically, they are all the same electronic device used to control the three most important factors an engine requires to operate- Air, Fuel, Ignition.

By optimising these parameters, we are able to improve the overall efficiency of an engine and improve the manufacturers stock power availability. As a rule of thumb most vehicle manufacturers only calibrate the engine potential output to around 60%-65% of its true capacity. This allows them to supply vehicles all over the globe without having to legislate for differences in fuel and oil quality, barometric / atmospheric pressure, climate, road conditions and even a simple factor such as service intervals.

On a turbo charged diesel engine the adjustment of the TORQUE parameters amongst other factors makes a significant improvement how the vehicle is able to deliver consistent power throughout the entire rev bandwidth and improve overall fuel efficiency / economy.

On a turbo assisted / supercharged petrol engine the adjustment of these parameters delivers more driveability and reduced turbo lag with an overall improvement in throttle response. Normally a petrol engine will not see a significant improvement in economy but will offer a dramatic change in performance.

Naturally aspirated engines generally are not suitable for tuning in this manner with no real significant, noticeable improvements.

By using two state of the art AWD Dynos we are able to develop software calibrations which we can then safely apply to ECUs to optimise the overall performance within safe tolerances. There is no guesswork involved and every software calibration we carry out is custom written to each specific vehicle we have the privilege and opportunity to tune.

We never go beyond what is considered to be outwith safe tolerances, so you are guaranteed to be in safe hands using our professionally trained and highly qualified technicians.

Based in Loanhead, Midlothian, we serve the Lothians & Borders and Northern England

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ECU/Engine Remapping Video Gallery

Focus ST Stage 2 with Pops n Bangs
Hi-flo sports cat fitted to allow pops n bangs
Focus ST Stage 2 with Pops n Bangs

Views: 235
Focus ST Stage 2 with Pops n Bangs

Pops n bangs on a GLA 45

Views: 451
Pops n bangs on a GLA 45

Enhanced Exhaust Noise Nissan 350Z

Views: 232
Enhanced Exhaust Noise Nissan 350Z

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